In The Beginning…

“This is the start of something good, don’t you agree?” – Follow Through by Gavin Degraw

Please, I am begging you, do not hate on my cheesy song choice. This is the beginning of a new chapter for me. The funny thing is, I don’t quite know what that chapter is just yet. I could get a letter any day now that says “YAY! You got into grad school!” (or something to that effect). It could also start with those dreaded words- “We regret to inform you…”

I tend to be a pessimist. If you know me personally, this is something you already know. I like to expect the worst, then I’m pleasantly surprised when things turn out well. But now, I’m trying my hand at being an optimist. Which brings me to another possible beginning…my photography. I was given my D80 as a high school graduation present (thanks Daddy!) because of my love of snapping photos, and, let’s face it- I wanted it because I thought I was cool having a top of the line camera. However, the time has come to take responsibility for this gift (so what if it’s four years later…) and learn what this thing is really capable of.

And so, I’ve been reading. I attended the wedding of my yearbook adviser from my senior year of high school, and I have been obsessively stalking her photographer’s blog ever since I saw her engagement pictures posted. Katelyn James is everything I hope to someday be, so I took a chance. I emailed her. I said something along the lines of “Please let me follow you around and learn from your amazingness.” I promise I didn’t really sound that lame. Anyways, she told me she was not currently looking for interns/shadows, but she instead pointed me in the direction of Jasmine Star’s blog. This is where I hit the proverbial jackpot. J* is an amazing, inspiring person. Her blog is full of how explanations of how she got to where she is, and videos upon videos to help out newbies like me. I ordered her magazine, “Exposed” and I have to say: Best. Investment. Ever. It is so encouraging. Seriously, if you’re at all interested, just order it.

Please excuse the Babies 'R' Us coupon bookmark...don't ask.

After much blog stalking and facebook liking, I came across Rachel Brenke. I love her photos, and I happened to notice that she offers online workshops. This is great for me. I’m working full-time, so I don’t have the option to attend a full-day in person workshop (those are expensive too!). On a whim, I signed up for her basic workshop on how to shoot solely in manual, and here I am. I seriously just took over 70 shots of my “Exposed” magazine cover in order to practice with lighting. Don’t judge me.

In case you can’t read that quote on the cover, it says “Sometimes we give up our dreams for safety and comfort, but I was ready to risk safety and comfort for my dreams.” That, my friends, is what has led me here. Typing out my thoughts to you in cyberspace. I am learning to shoot in manual. Perhaps this is will never go beyond shots of my adorable dog, but perhaps it will end up with becoming something more. And perhaps that something more will begin with the words “We regret to inform you…”

I leave you with a picture of poor Hailey, who patiently dealt with me trying to adjust my camera settings a million times, when all she really wanted was for me to throw her ball.

Isn't she sweet?






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