I Promise I’m Not Missing!

Hi guys!

Sorry for the long absence. Seth and I recently had a LOT of family stuff come up in the past few weeks, but no worries, everyone is ok now! Well, everyone except for me. Yesterday I had a horrible migraine attack and today I have a bit of a cold – hopefully that all goes away soon 🙂

Anyways, I wanted to take a minute to lay out some goals for the rest of the month, and to recap Easter weekend a little bit.

April Goals (a little late!)

– Consistently blog Monday-Friday (this probably won’t start until next week)

– Take Hannah & Hailey to the vet for shots and flea/tick meds

– Shoot for myself at least once a week

– Get my business license

– Register at the community college to retake a class I need

– Throw my baby sister an awesome sleepover party

Ok. I think that’s enough to focus on for one month. Make sure you keep me on my toes! Now on to Easter!

On Good Friday, we went to the evening service at Gayton. It was AMAZING, very touching. Pastor Phil did a really great job of setting the mood for the weekend. Saturday, we did not do much. My dad is currently working in Pennsylvania, so my step-mother and siblings drove up for the weekend to spend Easter with my grandparents. I was unable to go, so after we went to church Sunday morning, Seth and I went to Julie’s house for brunch. We had an easter egg hunt for Julie’s niece and ate some wonderful food. I made a cheesecake, and at the risk of tooting my own horn, it was pretty delish.

Those egg nests? $5 at Kroger. Very quick and simple decorations.

 As much as I wish I could claim all the credit for this amazingness, the recipe is by Martha Stewart via Pinterest. You can find it here. 

I am drifting in and out of consciousness now (this cold is kicking my butt), so I’m headed off to bed. I promise to start being more consistent this month though! I have a few shoots to catch up on, so get excited because I have two NEWBORNS coming to the blog!

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the fun from Easter:

Peanut is not the world's most social dog.

Julie's niece finds Elmo to be the most interesting. thing. EVER.

Want some ring pop?

Awww they're so cute =)


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