Reflecting and Looking Ahead

Guys- can you believe it’s already May 1st? That just blows. My. Mind. I feel like just yesterday I was at Silver Diner with Julie, Seth, and Zach ringing in the new year. Crazy.


If you know me, you know I like to make lists. Heck, I like to make lists of lists. I like to cross things off of my lists, and sometimes I will add things onto my lists even if I have already done them JUST so I can cross them off. I hope this doesn’t make me crazy! So for organization purposes, let’s take a look at last month’s goals list:

April Goals

– Consistently blog Monday-Friday (this probably won’t start until next week) –Well. This didn’t work out so well…

– Take Hannah & Hailey to the vet for shots and flea/tick meds – This didn’t happen either, for financial reasons.

– Shoot for myself at least once a week – Maybe looking back on this list wasn’t such a good idea…

– Get my business license – Financial reasons again.

Register at the community college to retake a class I need – This happened! Success!

Throw my baby sister an awesome sleepover party – Also a success. It was pretty amazing 🙂

Well. That didn’t go as I had hoped. I am going to try this again for May, and what I am hoping is that having these things in writing will help me to keep myself accountable (with a little help from you guys!). So, without further ado:

May Goals 

– Consistently blog Monday through Friday (hold me accountable for this!)

– Take Hannah and Hailey to the vet (this HAS to happen now that things are getting warmer)

– Get Hailey spayed (also VERY important)

– Shoot for myself at least once a week (I am going to carve out some time each week to make sure this happens.)

– Get my business license (This is a MUST. DO. NOW.)

– Stop eating out as much (Hopefully this will give me more money for the most important things)

– Make a visit to Pennsylvania (One of my good friends is HAVING A BABY!!!)

– Create a housework schedule and STICK TO IT. (Laundry is taking over this apartment. I am not even kidding.)

Ready? Set. Go!

Here’s a preview of what’s to come!


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