Emilie is 8!

For those of you that don’t know, I have a quite a few siblings. Seven to be exact (yep, you read that right). Four brothers and three sisters. For reasons that I will get in to another time, Zach and Emilie are the ones that I regularly get to spend time with. This past weekend, my baby sister turned 8 years old! She wanted to have a sleepover, so I went over to run things, and enlisted the help of Julie and Sara.

Picture this: Eight, 8 year olds. Three, 21 year olds. Chocolate. Pink. Makeup. Girly movies.

I’m not gonna lie…it was exhausting. But it was also so much FUN! I loved getting to act like a kid again and staying up all night (but was not nearly as excited as they were to get up early the next morning). Enjoy some photos from the festivities!

**Disclaimer one: Please excuse the horrible quality of this first picture. It’s from my first little dinky Kodak digital camera that I got when I was like 15. I had no idea what I was doing 🙂

**Disclaimer two: These pictures are certainly not the best, as we kept it on auto since EVERYone was taking turns using the camera. Also, I forgot to reset my custom white balance, so everything is a little yellow 🙂

On to the photos!

I cannot believe that this little girl:

Has grown up into this beautiful (but goofy!) young lady already:

First, we hung up these poofy tissue balls that looked easy enough to put together when I grabbed them from Party City. Note: Looks can be deceiving. (Yes I am standing on the kitchen table…)

I suppose they turned out well enough 🙂

Sara and I made those cake pops. They were DELISH!

Shortly after the girls arrived. Julie made a tent. Yes. A TENT. I think I was more excited than the girls 😉

Then we sang happy birthday….

And opened presents (INSIDE the tent!)

Then we took some group shots:

And my personal favorite: WE MADE LIPGLOSS! Kool-Aid and Vaseline. Coolest thing EVER!

We then did makeovers, and tried to get some pictures of the girlies after their makeovers. As you can see, they were still quite wiggly:

And because working at Pump It Up in high school will forever be in my blood, SILLY FACES!

There were also many rounds of Just Dance (I’m glad there is no evidence of that!) and we watched some movies and just kind of veged out. Seth came over the next morning and made us all pancakes and bacon and eggs for breakfast. I wish I would have captured the morning festivities -but that that point I was so tired I’m lucky I remembered how to drive home! If you want to see more, Julie posted some of her Instagram photos here.

See you tomorrow!

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