Mixed-Up Monday

Happy Monday Everyone!

Ok, let’s get real. Monday probably is NOT your favorite day of the week. I know it’s not mine. Am I the only one who thinks the weekend should extend into this infamous day of the week? I think not. I don’t know about you guys, but for me, Mondays are all about getting back into the groove of working after two days of relaxing (or in my case lately…being busy busy with other life things). I always have a million things in my head that I know I need to get done throughout the week, ideas that I want to implement, and other various jumbling thoughts. I need somewhere to put these things so I can get a good night’s rest!

Thus, the “Mixed-Up Monday” was born. This literally just happened maybe ten minutes go, while I was taking out my contacts (thats when all the best ideas come to me). From here on out (if everything goes well), Monday’s posts are going to be a little bit of everything. Hopefully I will empty some thoughts out here that at least ONE of you will find interesting 🙂

So here we go….the first “Mixed-Up Monday”….

One of my goals this month was to stop eating out as much. This has been getting seriously out of hand. It’s so hard to get home from work and find the motivation to make a real dinner as well as something to spare me from spending a ridiculous amount on lunch somewhere the next day (I know you know how this goes). The easiest way to get around this feeling? Just DO it. I know that sounds snarky, but it’s the truth. Tell yourself that this is something you HAVE to do. Find a motivator. Remember that by doing this, you are saving money, and with this saved money you can get a new shirt. Or shoes. Or a book. Whatever floats your boat. My motivator? That fact that I am trying to plan a wedding, and things are expeeeensive. So, I ask myself, “Dream wedding, or Mimi’s spinach artichoke dip?” The wedding usually wins.

Anyways, last night I made chicken salad for lunches for a few days, and baked ziti for dinner (with homemade, not bottled, marinara. I am insanely proud of myself.)

The chicken salad recipe is here. Seriously, if you like chicken salad, you will love this. SO. EASY. Bonus: Very little mayo involved, because you will be using greek yogurt instead. This cuts down on the fat if you are trying to eat more healthy. Quick tip on this one- I doubled the recipe so the chicken would be more moist. If you do this, don’t exactly double the vinegar and rosemary, leave a little out. Otherwise, it gets a little herb-y/tart.

Ziti/Marinara recipes are here. Nothing to add….just purely amazing.

Thus ends the first “Mixed-Up Monday.” Cue completely unrelated photograph. What’s a photog blog without one?

A preview of what’s to come tomorrow:


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