| Charles Aiden Lull | Newborn |

I met Krissy about four years ago, when I was helping Seth’s brother out with youth football stuff for the Goochland Youth Athletic Association. We became close friends very quickly 🙂

Then, in July of 2010, Krissy married Evan, and they wanted to give Miss Keegan a little brother or sister. Things turned out to be harder than they expected, but they put their trust in God and were rewarded. On March 5th, 2012, the Lull family welcomed Charles Aiden into the world. A few days later, I went go visit this precious baby boy and to capture some of his early moments.

This was only my second newborn shoot, so I am still learning a lot. Aiden was also not a huge fan of the cold (note to self: bring space heater next time!), but we still managed to get some good shots. Once he made it clear that he had had enough of me and my camera, I headed outside with Keegan for a few more shots. She is growing up into a beautiful young lady!

Enjoy some of my favorites!

Keegan is such a wonderful big sister!

Aiden’s bucket. He was not fond of being placed inside 🙂

I just LOVE baby yawns!

Snuggles with Mommy 🙂

Krissy! You have a beautiful daughter!

So content 🙂


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