She Has Adventurous Tastes?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Hailey in “her” window.

(Please excuse poor quality cell phone image)

You guys, my dog seriously thinks she is a cat. She likes to curl up in windows and chase laser lights and sometimes even play with that massive scratching post to her right. For tonight’s story, we’re going to focus on the window loving 🙂

As you can see, all of the windows in our house are bay-like, so they have “seats” in them. We currently have an empty bedroom with one of those windows, so we threw a blanket up in the seat and Hailey claimed it as her own. I am pretty sure she sits up there all day while we are at work, just keeping watch.

Today, my friend Sara came over, and we decided to go out for a little bit. We headed upstairs to put her dog in the crate (she is moving in soon), when I noticed there was black stuff all over Hailey’s blanket. That’s when I saw it.

A battery. Not a whole battery with teeth marks, but little pieces of the casing of a battery, with the insides smeared all over the blanket. I panicked, then called our vet, and sped over to the office right away. I was informed that we had two options: Make her throw up (ew!), or get an X-ray taken. Since I wasn’t sure if she had eaten it today or yesterday (I haven’t been in the spare room for awhile), they told me an X-ray would be the most informative route.

So, away went Miss Hailey to the X-ray room with the doctor. A few minutes later they came back in, and she was cleared. No battery pieces in her tummy or intestines. Thank goodness! They said since it was only a AAA battery, and she didn’t seem to have ingested much of it, there wasn’t enough stuff inside to really harm her. We just have to keep a close eye on her for a few days 🙂

We decided to go to Bruster’s for a puppy sundae after that fiasco!

I’m so happy my baby is ok!

She is not spoiled. Not one bit.


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