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Maybe this isn’t the case, but I feel like I owe you all an apology.

At the beginning of this month, I made it a goal to write every day (Monday through Friday, that is), and I meant it. I know it was just set as a goal, but when I put these things down, I want to actually DO them, not just SAY I’m going to do them. I feel like I’m letting you guys down when I miss days here and there.

I think I owe you an explanation of why this happens…

If you read my first entry on this blog, than you know I was working towards getting my Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. The first step in the journey was getting in to grad school, which didn’t go the way I was hoping it would. It was because of this that the blog, and my business, was born. I figured now was a make it or break it moment….I had wanted to do photography for a long time, and now was my chance. So I jumped.

However, I didn’t want to jump without a net. I am not a risk taker, I am not the brave person who runs after her dreams without having a more realistic back-up plan. I have my Psychology to stand on, but I want something more. I still want that OT degree, for reasons beyond the stability it can offer me.

Autism is something near and dear to my heart. If you know anything about the disability, you know it is a broad spectrum. My cousin is on the high functioning end, but she still struggles with a lot. I grew up watching her, her brother, and my aunt navigate through the roller coaster of life that comes with this diagnosis. I wrote a research paper on the subject my sophomore year at VCU, and was appalled by the lack of support and resources available to families affected by ASD. It was then that I decided I really wanted to get involved…specifically with early intervention therapies.

I still want that. I still need that degree. So, in between working full time, trying to start up this business, and trying to have a life, I’m going back to school. I’m retaking classes that I didn’t so well in the first time around. I’m calling the area hospitals and rehab clinics to try to get some more volunteer hours in the field under my belt.

What does this mean for you? Well, I just started my online Anatomy & Physiology class. There is going to be a lot of information crammed into the next five weeks of my life. I am going to come home from work, make dinner, and work on stuff for this class until I can’t keep my eyes open. At that point, I may or may not blog. I’m still working on getting a schedule down for being able to balance work, school, life, and this business. This means I’m probably going to miss a day here and there. Some posts may be shorter than others. If you guys will stick with me through this rocky point…I promise I’ll make it worth your while.

It means the world to me to have the support system that I do. I couldn’t do any of this without you guys!

Cue unrelated picture:

More from this shoot will be up later this week!


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