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This was supposed to be last Friday’s post, but things got a little hectic in preparing for our trip to PA (which was SO much fun by the way). Allow me to give you background as to why my best friend is splattered with paint 🙂

Several months ago, Julie sent me a picture she had found on the internet of a girl standing in front of a blue wall with paint all over her face. She asked if I could do a similar shoot for her.

Uhm. Wait.

Is this a serious question? Of course I will smear paint on your face and take pictures of it.

We spent some time keeping an eye out for cool walls and making the time to do the shoot. Finally, we took an afternoon and wandered around part of the VCU campus to shoot. Seth joined us, but he passed out in the car 🙂 We of course had to follow any trip downtown with a visit to the Galaxy Diner, so you can imagine the looks we got walking in with this stuff all over our faces. Enjoy!

Could you please stop being so beautiful?

Full disclosure: We almost got run over taking this next one. It was worth it!

He was so tired 😦

Of course she talked me in to it….this shot is courtesy of Seth after we woke him up. Not too shabby 😉


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