| Shalynn & Tim | Maternity |

Where do I even begin with this one? I feel like I’ve known Shay my whole life, and honestly, I pretty much have. When I was about four, a family moved in to the trailer that my Pap rented out on part of his property in Pennsylvania. I can remember the woman coming to our house one morning to talk to my Mamaw. I listened as I hid behind my grandma’s legs, when the woman, Bobbie, turned to me and said “You should come over one day and play with my baby.”

Of course, I was four years old. I could pick out my own clothes, take my own bath, and feed myself. I was far too mature to play with babies. Little did I know how important this “baby” would become to me.

As I got older, the Redd family became more like my own family. I spent many nights with Shay and Bobbie. Shalynn became like the baby sister I didn’t have (until Emilie was born many years later), and Bobbie became my other mother. Bill, Shay’s dad, was the guy who teased me at all times, but I knew he secretly loved me like a daughter 🙂

These three still hold a special place in my heart, and I always make it a point to spend some time visiting when I make a trip back home. This past Memorial Day weekend, I got to spend a good bit of time with them. Shalynn and Tim are expecting a BABY on Halloween, so we took a quick up to my grandpa’s portion of our family farm for an impromptu maternity shoot. These two could not be cuter together.

Shay I am SO excited for you! I can’t wait to love on this baby at Christmas time!


This next one is my favorite. You are so gorgeous!


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