| Reflection | May-June Goals |

Well, June is here. That was fast.

Let’s take a look back at my May goals (hopefully this list went better than April’s!)

May Goals 

Consistently blog Monday through Friday. I was doing well with this for awhile, then fell behind. I’m not going to cross this off just yet.

Take Hannah and Hailey to the vet. Well, Hailey got to the vet after her battery tasting experience. Unfortunately, the X-ray this required used up the money for her regular appointment. Looks like I still need to get this done.

Get Hailey spayed. Negative. She went into heat.

Shoot for myself at least once a week. This has actually been going kind of well!

Get my business license. DONE! It was quite an adventure, but I feel so legit now!

Stop eating out as much. This has seriously gotten SO much better.

Make a visit to Pennsylvania. AND I got some maternity pictures of her. BAM!

– Create a housework schedule and STICK TO IT. I have caught up on laundry, sort of. Not quite crossing this one off yet.

And now onto:

June Goals:

-Making a blogging schedule (and stick to it).I’m hoping this will help me with the M-F issues I’ve been having.

Take animals to the vet (this includes getting Hailey spayed). I really can’t put this off any longer. The weather is warming up, which means fleas and ticks are just waiting to set up camp on my babies!

Create a housework schedule (and stick to it). This place is actually pretty clean right now, but for my sanity, I need it to STAY that way.

– Create a client contract. Just something basic.

– Work with Alana to get logo/design/colors finalized. SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!

Make more ME time. I am so stressed and exhausted all the time. I need to make time for myself to just relax.

Have a happy June!



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