Where Did I Go?

UGH! After all that goal setting about consistently blogging, I am failing miserably. I think when I write this month’s goal post (bazinga?) I’m going to be slightly less ambitious. Let’s be honest, writing Monday-Friday right now just isn’t realistic. Having a full-time job and re-taking classes and trying to bring my grad school application up to speed doesn’t always leave me with extra time. Until I figure out a way to schedule this better, I think I’m going to aim for 3 times a week. If I make it to 5, I will gladly pat myself on the back 🙂


You are probably wondering where I’ve been for the past two weeks. Or maybe you’re not, but I’m going to tell you anyways.

I was REALLY sick. Seriously, this thing came out of nowhere and hit me like a Mack Truck. Last Sunday night, I was feeling kind of warm, but it’s been over 100 degrees in RVA lately, so I didn’t think much of it. When I woke up Monday morning, I went to work, still warm, and was absolutely miserable all day. By the time I got home and took my temperature, it was 103. Uhm, not ok. I called Seth, who took me to Patient First. Long story short: they couldn’t tell me anything. I was sent home with some antibiotics “just in case” and told NOT to take anything for the fever (WHAT?), so that’s what I did. About an hour after returning home, my temp was over 104. Seth called the ER, and they told him to bring me in.

So we get to the hospital, and sit in the waiting room for over. two. hours. Really? Granted, they took my blood and put in the IV cath while I was in there, but it was horrible. I don’t handle hospitals well.

Once I got taken back to a room, we spent about 2 1/2 more hours while they ran blood tests and did an X-ray. At the end of it all, we headed home at 5am and they still couldn’t tell me what was wrong. This is totally normal for me. I’m always getting weird, unidentifiable sicknesses. I don’t get sick like a normal person. Everything they had tested for had come back negative, so I was told it was probably a virus and to just ride it out. Even after getting home so late (early?), Seth still went to work 2 hours later. He’s such a trooper.

It took me every second of an entire week to rid myself of whatever that sickness was. It probably wouldn’t have been so long, but I’m really bad at being sick. They tell me to relax and stay in bed, I do the exact opposite.

Anywho, I’m much better now. In fact, I just made some AMAZING stir fry for dinner tonight. I’ll share the recipe later this week. In the meantime, know that I’m back, and enjoy some of the pictures from my sick week. These are all cell phone/instagram pics so I apologize for the less than perfect quality!

This is the IV they put in at the hospital (obviously). See that gauze right there? That’s where the nurse had to use a vein in the back of my hand because she couldn’t find one on my arm. Apparently I need to drink more. That one started gushing everywhere, to the point that my engagement ring was covered in blood. Full Disclosure: I am TERRIFIED of needles. You just show me one and I freak out. I cried like a baby.

Proof that my temperature was ridiculously high…

My babies knew I wasn’t feeling well. Hailey was SUPER protective all week and did not leave my side for a second.

Ziggy is my roommate Sara’s dog. She was quite content to curl up at my feet and keep me company while Sara was at work during my week of sickness.

Thanks for sticking with me guys! I promise I’ll get better at this!



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