| Surprise, Surprise! | Website Preview |

I’ve been talking about it forever, and at this point, you might be thinking it’s never going to happen. Well my friends, your wait is almost over. My website it just about done! Aghhhhhh I can’t contain my excitement any longer!!

Today, I’m sharing a preview of the front page. There are two reasons for this:

1. I hope you’re excited as I am to see everything coming together!

2. I need your help!

Before I show you anything, I have to give a HUGE thanks to my good friend Alana of ANR Creative. I am far from a design expert, but I always get these ideas in my head that I want to make come to life. I am hardly ever able to do it, but this time it worked, and it’s all thanks to Alana. She took my Pinterest inspiration board and strange descriptions of the picture my head and made it something beautiful. Without further ado:

The Front Page (not yet finished):

I am loving those fleur-de-lis. They hold a special place in my heart 🙂 Now, you might be wondering why there’s a random white rectangle at the bottom. Well, first off, the page isn’t done just yet. This is where you guys come in…I’ve been throwing around some ideas of what to put in that “white box,” but I can’t make a decision, so I’d like your input. What would you like to see featured on the front page? Sound off in the comments!

Thanks for your help!


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