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Oh, what’s that? It’s AUGUST? When the heck did THAT happen?

Ugh. I hate feeling so behind. I apologize to you guys for being so neglectful these past few weeks. We went to Indianapolis to see Seth’s family (my future in-laws) for a weekend, and things spiraled all out of control. Our flights got EXTREMELY messed up, and chaos ensued. That weekend is in and of itself will require it’s own post.

So what’s new? Well let’s see:

I got a LOGO!!! I am beyond excited about this. You can see it on my Facebook page, until we get the bloggity all up to date 🙂

I went to the Carytown Watermelon Festival, for the first time ever. It was an experience. SO HOT! But awesome. And of course, tons of watermelon. I also found this awesome little consignment shop that I’ll have to tell you about.

Seth and I have possibly found a venue for our reception!!!! I have to say…after 6 months of not really making any plans because we weren’t sure what we wanted to do…it feels awesome to finally be making some important choices.

– I can’t believe I almost forgot this one: Thanks to being blessed with the best Dad and Fiance EVER…*drum roll please*… I AM REGISTERED FOR A COACHING SESSION WITH KATELYN JAMES IN OCTOBER!!!! I cannot wait to learn from her an implement some new strategies for my business.

We’ll talk more tomorrow….but for now I know all you care about are some pretty pictures! Enjoy some from the festival, and a few previews from shoots coming to the blog soon 🙂


 I think it’s chicken on a stick. Whatever it was, it smelled gooood!


 Ahhhh watermelon 🙂 Also, that little kid had a terrible case of the giggles trying to pull the plunger off that man’s head. He was ADORABLE!


Preview Number 1: Another Julie & Zach shoot. I absolutely LOVE this one!


 And preview #2: Alana. We had the best time getting these photos. Isn’t she beautiful?

More from both shoots coming later this week!


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