| Stephanie & Drew | Married | Hume, VA Second Shooter |

A few weeks ago, Stephanie of Angelina Photography allowed me the opportunity to second shoot an amazing wedding with her. Her post in the photographer forum stated that this wedding would include J. Crew, Kate Spade, and carnival elements. When I got to the part mentioning it was at a ranch, I was hooked. I […]

| Meet Sara | Goochland, VA Portrait Photographer |

Some days, you just have to take the time to enjoy the world around you. This spontaneous shoot was the perfect example of such a moment. For once, Sara and I happened to be home at the same time. The temperature was perfect, the birds were chirping, and the sunlight was golden. My Expo Disc […]

| Our Trip To Hawaii | Personal |

Today has been yucky. Dark. Rainy. Gloomy. It’s also been full on un-fun things that take away from my blogging time (hence the late night post): Studying for my Anatomy test, and working from home for my day job. See? I told you it was a yucky day. And on this yucky day, I happened […]

| Mixed Up Monday | Fall Is In The Air |

Can you feel it? Close your eyes for a minute. Feel the cool breeze of the early morning and late evening. Hear the leaves crunching under your fall boots. Smell the Pumpkin Spice Lattes brewing at Starbucks. Slip on a warm hoodie and snuggle into it’s warmth around a blazing bonfire. Now open your eyes. […]