| Mixed Up Monday | Fall Is In The Air |

Can you feel it?

Close your eyes for a minute.

Feel the cool breeze of the early morning and late evening. Hear the leaves crunching under your fall boots. Smell the Pumpkin Spice Lattes brewing at Starbucks. Slip on a warm hoodie and snuggle into it’s warmth around a blazing bonfire.

Now open your eyes.

Can you feel it now?

Fall is almost here you guys! The official first day is THIS Saturday. I’m so excited πŸ™‚ This has always been my absolute favorite time of year. As soon as I start to see the leaves change I know it’s time for football, pumpkin carving, and getting ready for my favorite holidays: Thanksgiving and Christmas!

I apologize for being MIA lately…I had some really bad time management going on there for awhile. But in the spirit of getting back on track– here are my goals for what’s left of September:

September Goals

– Ace the first test in my A&P class. This might be a little ambitious…but maybe that’s a good thing.

Master my Expo Disc. Or at least come close to mastering it πŸ™‚

Walk Hailey more frequently. She’s a much more well behaved dog when she’s had her walk. Sadly, we’ve been crazy busy lately and those regular walks have fallen to the side.

– Prepare my questions for my coaching session with Katelyn James!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS

Get a few new pieces of Fall clothing. This should be an easy one!

Since no photography blog is complete without a completely unrelated picture, here’s a preview of where I got to second shoot a wedding with Stephanie of Angelina Photography a few weeks ago. I’ll be posting more of my shots after she blogs hers!

I’d love to here from you! Do you like fall too? What’s your favorite fall activity? If it’s not your favorite, what’s your favorite season?

Happy Monday!

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