| Stephanie & Drew | Married | Hume, VA Second Shooter |

A few weeks ago, Stephanie of Angelina Photography allowed me the opportunity to second shoot an amazing wedding with her. Her post in the photographer forum stated that this wedding would include J. Crew, Kate Spade, and carnival elements. When I got to the part mentioning it was at a ranch, I was hooked. I immediately emailed her and asked if she still wanted a second shooter. I was over the moon when she said yes!

The day came, and as I merged onto I-95 I quickly regretted my route of choice. I was sitting in the equivalent of a parking lot. A few miles up I discovered the reason for the hold-up- torrential downpour. I said a quick prayer that the rain would clear up for Stephanie and Drew’s outdoor wedding, and continued to make my way north towards the Mariott Ranch in Hume, VA. If you’ve never been through this little town, you have no idea what you’re missing. As I got off the interstate and drove down the winding country roads, the rain began to clear up and a sense of excitement started to overcome me. I arrived at the ranch and began to fully experience what an awesome day this was going to be!

LOVED Steph’s shoes. (Yes, our bride had the same name as the primary photographer!)

Steph’s dress was a modified J. Crew gown. So original!

I loved watching Stephanie’s parents together. They were so sweet 🙂

While Stephanie (photographer) went to get shots of Stephanie (bride) getting ready, I got to spend some time with Drew and the boys. (I think they had the fun room 😉 )

Love this one. He was showing everyone how much his hands were shaking.

Getting ready for the first look.


We had a little sprinkle start up as we were doing portraits, but Steph and Drew totally rocked it out.

Let me just say how fun it was to watch Stephanie with her dad. He was SO proud of her. The button on his jacket says “It’s a Girl!” It’s the one he received from the hospital nurses the day she was born. Personal touches like that make me swoon!

Steph, you’re gorgeous!

One of the groomsmen gave us a sneak peak of the ring.

Such a good looking bridal party 🙂

Stephanie’s grandmother got to hitch a ride down to the reception in a golf cart. Jealous!

Cotton Candy at a wedding? How awesome is that?

Drew and Stephanie, thank you for sharing your big day with me! And Stephanie S, thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience such an amazing wedding!

You guys can check on Stephanie’s shots from the day here!

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