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This is Hailey. Can you handle how cute that face is? Looking at her now, I’d never believe how tiny she used to be.

This might be cheesy, but I almost feel like having Miss Hailey is like having a kid. Seriously. Seth and I take her EVERYWHERE with us. We spoil the heck out of her. And honestly, I can’t believe how fast she’s grown up. We took Hailey home when I worked at Petco. A man claimed he had found a box of puppies when making his security round one night, and had taken her home with him. The next day, once he realized how young she was, he came to the store to get her some milk. Once he noticed how expensive it was, he realized he couldn’t afford her, so one of our groomers offered to take her until she could find her a home. I got to play with this adorable puppy for a little while, and on a whim texted Seth to ask if he wanted to get a free dog. Not even a half hour later, he came in to see her. All the rest is history.

We had a wonderful woman, Ariel, take care of Hailey for the first week since we were in the process of moving. After that, we spent the first few weeks bottle feeding her and getting up every two hours to take her outside. See? She really is like our baby!

Anyways…I wanted to take the time to chronicle some of the moments we’ve had with her since bringing her home. Time has flown by so fast. She’s almost a year and a half now!

Enjoy watching her grow!

(Some of these are phone pictures- so I apologize in advance for the grainy/weirdly lit ones.)

These are from that day in the store. Seth could hold her in one hand. That’s Ariel on the right 🙂

She used to, and still does, love to lay on dirty laundry.

Is that not the CUTEST FACE EVER???

I love the one of her and Hannah laying next to each other 😉 Sometime they get along. And that one on the top right? She pulled all of Seth’s socks into a pile to lay on.

Sleepy in the car.

Because the brick is obviously more comfortable.

Not spoiled at all…

This was after her first run with me. I think she might have been tired 🙂

Hahaha she was such a trooper through this. Never once tried to eat the lights!

This is the “I’m cold and refuse to get up” face.

Bonding with Ziggy.

And now she’s all grown up! She’s still mighty cute though 🙂


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