It’s November! | Fall Goals

November 1st already? I can’t believe it! I’m super happy that it FINALLY feels like fall though! Yup, I’m one of those crazies that actually loves the cold weather. Summer in Virginia is just wayyyy too much for me. I prefer bonfires, sweatshirts, and boots. This also means my favorite time of the year is coming: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year! In preparation for another year, I’m buckling down to get stuff done. Here’s what I’ll be working on in November:

Personal Goals:

– Get the house cleaned and decorated for the holidays. Is it too early to put up my Christmas tree?

– Get the majority of my Christmas shopping done this month. Last year I waited till the last minute…not a great decision.

– Go to Carter Mountain with Seth and get some apples! We’ve talking about this, now we need to make the time to do it.

– Go hiking at Peaks of Otter. We went hiking there last November, and Seth proposed to me when we got home 🙂 We didn’t finish the whole hike though because we didn’t really plan it out well.

– Start making dinner at home again. We’ve gotten back into the bad habit of ordering in or going out for dinner. Oh no!

– Redo my budget. Things are changing with my change in jobs!

– Finish off this A&P class with a bang.

Business Goals:

– Get my website, branding, and business cards finalized and ordered!

– Redo the pricing guide. It’s looking a little rough.

– Eeek! Find a CPA so I can get started on taxes! If you have a recommendation for someone in the area, email me!

– Decide if I’m going to do mini-sessions this year.

– Make a business and marketing plan!

Super excited for what the rest of this year has in store! Here’s a shot my mentor Katelyn James took of me at my coaching session with her last month. I’ll be blogging about that experience tomorrow!


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