| Meet Seth | Richmond, VA Portrait Photographer |

Virginia weather is SO crazy lately! On Sunday and Monday we had beautiful 70-degree days and today it’s cold, dreary, and rainy. Don’t get me wrong, I like cold weather, but this back and forth usually makes me sick just in time for the holidays, and that’s no fun at all. Seth and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather over the weekend, so we headed downtown with Hailey right after church. I’ve been wanting to go location scouting for an upcoming engagement session so this was the perfect time!

I got Seth to model for me, and Hailey wasn’t so bad herself. I think she was just thrilled to be out and about. We can’t take her everywhere with us like we used to, so she gets a little crazy when we go to new places. You’ll see that for yourself in just a minute! I also have been wanting to teach Seth how to use my camera on manual mode so that I can use him as a second shooter on occassion. He did a pretty good job for it being his first time!

Enjoy some of my favorites from the day! Pay close attention to Hailey in these first few, her expressions are priceless.

Just, wow. I get to marry this handsome guy!

Here are a few that Seth shot. See? I told you Hailey goes crazy!

Then we went and walked down by the river. This older man is William. He was fishing under the train tracks and starting talking to us when he saw my camera. I love getting to talk to people and hear their stories. He told me about his brother who was an artist in the Marines and would take pictures out on the water with his camera. He would later use those pictures to create beautiful paintings.

Enjoy your week! It’s almost Thanksgiving! AHHHH!


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