A Tree With A Story | Personal

Growing up, I always looked forward to Christmas. I couldn’t wait for Santa, Christmas carols, weeks off of school, and watching my grandpa put up the lights outside…but none of that was my favorite. The best part of Christmas-time was the day after Thanksgiving. We would haul the tree out of the attic, and along with it, boxes and boxes of ornaments. I loved unwrapping each one from its newspaper comic (I called them the “funnies”) nest and placing it in it’s spot amongst the tree branches. I sat starry-eyed as my grandma told me the stories behind them all- who made them, where they came from, the significance of each one. Most of the ornaments on that tree were older than I was.

When I moved to Virginia with my dad, I wasn’t as excited about Christmas that first year. We had the standard colored spheres, and while they were pretty, it just wasn’t the same. After visiting my grandma over the summer that year, she sent me home with a small selection of the ornaments I had had grown up hanging on the tree. Christmas felt a little better after that. These days, those ornaments still go on my tree, along with a few newer memorable pieces. My goal is to one day have a huge tree, covered with mismatched ornaments that all have a story. Here are some of my current favorites- both old and new:


I have several of these snowflakes in different colors hanging all over the tree. They are handmade from fishing line and beads.  I’ve always thought they were beautiful, and one day I want to try to make my own.


This is my all time favorite. Pulling this out of the ornament box every year puts a smile on my face. This is also handmade, but out of old Christmas cards. My Mamaw’s cousin made several of these when they were young.


🙂 I bought this last year after Seth proposed. I know I’ll be glad to pull it out every future Christmas together.


I also bought this one after Seth proposed. I wanted to celebrate getting to have the new coolest last name ever, Blizzard.


I found this beauty at Target this year. Seth has always been into video games, so I wanted to find an ornament that represented him as well.


And this one makes me smile every time I see it 🙂 To commemorate my first year in business!

What’s your favorite part of Christmas? Do you have any special ornaments on your tree?


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