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I realize I’m late on sharing all of these photos, but having the past few weeks off from having to do much of anything has kind of thrown me off. Anyone else suffering from the New Year induced lack of motivation? I’m telling you, it’s dragging me down. In light of that, I’m pretty late at getting up today’s post. I usually blog in the space I have between jobs in the afternoon, but today I wasn’t able to because I needed gas, which I neglected to get this morning. Yes, blaming that one on the holidays too.

Anywho, here is what my Christmas vacation consisted of in photos. There was snow….LOTS of snow. I’ve missed it. There were also lots of family. I’ve missed them too.

This is what we arrived in the middle of:


Love these two πŸ™‚


Β  The next morning we got up and “braved” the snow to finish some last minute Christmas shopping. There’s a big different between Richmond and Claysville after a snowstorm- in Claysville they are much more prepared…so by morning there wasn’t anything on the streets. This is Seth’s serious face.2013-01-02_04

See? Clear roads.


My grandparents’ driveway is another story…


After shopping we went to see Shalynn’s new baby boy. Aiden is just about 2 months old! I was so stinkin’ excited to see him. You might remember Shay & Tim’s spur of the moment maternity session from this summer, when I mentioned that Shay is like a little sister to me. That makes this little boy my nephew and I had an awesome time loving on him. Look at those big eyes!


Boys will be boys. Seth and Tim hung out on the Xbox while Shay and I caught up.



The next morning was was all the fun began. Christmas Eve was crazy busy! Abby (my brother’s girlfriend), Emilie, and I went out shopping for food. A word to the wise- grocery stores and walmart are quite the battleground the day before Christmas. We made it out alive though! I took care of Christmas Eve dinner, and Abby took care of Christmas Day dinner.

Here’s Emilie after she got put to work making some French Dip rolls πŸ™‚


We had soooo many cookies. But there was a lot of good real food too! I found a lot of these recipes on Pinterest (of course), and I’ll be sharing them with you later.


After the kiddos went to bed, everyone made some last minute gift prep.


Then Hailey decided she should go to bed so Santa would come!



Carrots for the reindeer. A certain little doggie may have snacked on these too.

I love this shot from Emilie’s letter to Santa. It says “It’s about giving, love, and Jesus’s Birthday. I believe in you and in Christmas.” She is so sweet!


The next morning Zach & Emilie dug through their stocking to figure out what gift wrap went with their presents.





Yeah, they brought Furby’s back. They’re still creepy little things.





It was so great to have Mamaw out of the hospital in time for Christmas. She loves her pears πŸ™‚


Zach got worn out opening all those gifts.



I teared up at this gift. Speckles is the dog that I grew up with when I lived with Mamaw and Pap. He had to be put down a few years ago.


It was really getting to see my brother, Donnie and his girlfriend, Abby. The live in San Francisco and I haven’t seen them since Christmas in 2008.


Pap got a little crazy with the bandanas Seth and I got him πŸ˜‰


So Cute ❀



I think Hailey wanted to open her presents…


My uncle made both of those. How cool?!




I don’t have many other shots from Christmas Day. I went to lay down after we opened presents and literally slept ALL day. I got up just in time to eat dinner. That ended up being a good thing though- the blizzard they were forcasting was set to come through at the exact time Seth and I had planned on leaving the next afternoon. Instead of risking an icy drive, we decided to leave after dinner instead. I drove through the night and we got home around 4am, safe and sound.

On the way out I stopped in Claysville to get some shots of the town decorated for Christmas. This is what I really miss…the small town spirit and celebration. Sorry for the grain in these…I had to really crank up my ISO.

2013-01-02_036 2013-01-02_037


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