Wedding Wednesday | Color Inspiration


Over the weekend, Seth and I ran a bunch of errands. Normally I hate having to go into Home Depot or Lowe’s with him, but lately I’ve been able to find something to do to enjoy myself while we’re there. During this last trip, I came up with the idea of grabbing some paint samples to try to come up with a color scheme for our wedding that is hopefully happening in September! (More on that later). We stopped to eat at Outback (using one of the many gift cards we got for Christmas) and spread them out all of the table. Our waiter probably thought we were nuts!

Anywho, these are a few of the one’s that we came up with, followed by one that I found on Pinterest and kind of fell in love with.

I’m really bad at making decisions like this, so I thought it would be cool to have you all cast your vote for your favorite combination. Just comment below to cast your vote! One lucky commenter will be rewarded with a Starbucks giftcard! Here are your choices!

P.S. Feel free to offer your own combinations as well!

1. (Seth created this one)








Keep in mind that there will be burlap at this wedding! So the colors kind of have to mesh 🙂

Okay, now vote! Be sure to leave your email when you comment so that I can get in touch with the winner. I’ll announce the winner of the Starbuck’s card on Friday!


3 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday | Color Inspiration

  1. What a great idea to use the paint samples!
    I LOVE number 2 and number 4. They are both gorgeous! You could always add a pop of yellow to number 4 too 🙂
    Good luck wedding planning!!!

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