Wedding Wednesday | Planning Resources


Aww aren’t we cute? That picture is SO old.

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been this week, let’s just say I don’t even know what it day it is anymore. Our wedding planning has been in full swing since we decided to get married this fall and it is a lot more time consuming than I had originally thought. Throw in the fact that I was sick all weekend, and I feel like I’m running around like a crazy chicken. Yes, a crazy chicken.

To save you guys some of the stress I’m feeling, I’d like to share some of the AWESOME resources I’ve found recently for all this planning.  If something helps even just one of you to take a breather, then I’m happy. Before I list everything out, I want to remind you that I still put Etsy and Pinterest at the top of my list. I blogged about Etsy here and shared my thoughts on Pinterest here.

And now here are some of my NEW favorites:

1. Ruffled. This website is abound with inspiration and DIY decor tutorials. The best part? Their “Recycle Your Wedding” allows you buy and sell previously used wedding items at a discounted price. Because really, when are you going to need 16 chalkboards again?

2. Something Turquoise. Yes, you’re right. The only reason I even looked at this website was because of my obsession with all things Turquoise/Tiffany Blue. But my oh my was I pleasantly surprised. Much like ruffled, there’s a lot of inspiration to be perused. There are also LOTS of DIY ideas. My favorite is the Mason Jar Cookie Recipe.

3. Wedding Gawker. Much like Pinterest, but all weddings, all the time. Need I say more?

4. Save on Crafts. This one was shared with me by Molly and oh my gosh has it come in handy. Think Oriental Trading, but for weddings. You can buy your lights, jars, linens, signs at bulk prices. Ah-ma-zing!

5. Pressed Cotton. I can’t take all the credit for this one either. Miss Katelyn James shared this on Facebook last night. I’m so happy I took a look! Any place that sells wedding decor that can truly be re-used as home decor is fine by me. I’m trying to talk Seth into the lavender boutonnieres!

I hope you find something you like! What resources are you using for your wedding planning? I’d love to check out some new ones!


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