2013 | Goals For A New Year

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I never make new year’s resolutions, especially right at the beginning of the year. I need time to think and figure out what I REALLY want to change, try, do. So now that January is almost over, I’d like to think I’m pretty sure about what I want to with myself and my business this year. So here they are, my bright and shiny goals for 2013:


1. Start running again, at LEAST once a week.

2. Run some kind of marathon. Color Me Rad, anyone?


4. Spend more time reading my bible.

5. Become official members of our church.

6. Get out of the house and experience the world more. I never make anytime to play!


1. Book at least 15 weddings. Yes, I’m being ambitious! (13 to go!)

2. Book 9-10 portrait sessions.

3. Work more on trying to define my style. This will include some shoots with the sole purpose of trying something outside of my comfort zone.

4. Finally nail down my branding! This will be directly related to number 3 🙂

5. Create a blog schedule, and maybe create a new weekly series.

6. Get an official website up and running using ShowIt. I can’t wait to make this live for you guys!

Happy Tuesday!


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