Borrowed And Blue Diaries | We Got Our Venue! (And got rid of the flu!)


When Seth and I set out for Pennsylvania last Friday evening, we knew it wasn’t the best idea. It was snowing there (and here!) and the roads weren’t in the best condition. However, I was DETERMINED to see our venue in person and get it booked, so off we went. Luckily, we didn’t really run into any ice or snow actually ON the roads. Not so luckily, we found out my grandpa was sick with something that seemed eerily like the flu when we woke up the next morning, and I came down with the same thing once we got home.

After an entire week of yoga pants, ridiculously large piles of tissues, and a fever that made me think we had temporarily relocated south of the border, I am finally feeling better. I’m still feeling a little warm and have a cough that just won’t quit (resulting in my sounding like a frog when speaking) but at least I’ve got on a pair of jeans and am working at the kitchen table instead buried under the comforter. Baby steps, guys.

The dissipation of my sickness also means I FINALLY had the time to get together the photos I took when we went to look at our venue in person last weekend! I am so excited to finally share these with you guys! It’s more than perfect and Seth and I cannot WAIT until September! Oh, there was quite a bit of snow up there too!

This is the main lodge, where we will be getting a block of rooms for people to stay:



This is Camp Russell, where the reception will be:


I was loving the stone fireplace inside! Smore’s bar anyone? There were chairs EVERYWHERE since they’re stored there in the winter. Hopefully those will be gone the next time we go look.


More chairs, the long view of the room, and a blurred Seth 🙂 :


I LOVE all the exposed wooden beams inside! Perfect!



I thought the ceiling was pretty cool too:


Another view of the fireplace:


Some views from around the resort:




Found this crazy candle in the “glass museum” at Oglebay. Check out that wick!


I can’t avoid showing these too. This is the snow covering the driveway leading down to my grandparents’ house. We got stuck at the bottom and my pap had to pull us halfway up with his tractor. Needless to say, we parked near the top after that!


The car WAS white when we left, I promise…




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