At A Glance | April 2013


That adorable face up there? She looks a lot like how I’ve been feeling.

You guys.

I have been a failure of sorts at this blogging thing for the last two weeks. You see, I’ve been in a funk. It’s the kind of funk that makes you question everything. Yes, I mean everything.

What made me think I could start my own photography business? Do I really think I deserve a different day job? Who am I to think I can leave a job I hate and go to a full-time job I actually love? How do I think I can afford a wedding? Are we going to become just another statistic? Where are we going to live? Can we afford to rent a house? Will I ever get these save-the-dates out?

I’ve been seriously doubting myself in so many places lately, and I can’t quite put my finger on what’s causing it. I didn’t want to share this with you. That’s mostly why I just quit blogging. Most people say this is business suicide, sharing such things.

Ahhh, but there it is. “Most people say…”

I’ve always been easily influenced by such things. I’m still learning to realize it’s ok to do things my way. There is more than on path to success. God has paved that way for me, I just have to stay on it. And stop falling in to these funks.

So, in response to my own doubts:

YES. I can have a successful business.

YES. I can have a day-job that I LOVE.

YES. I can have a lifelong, happy marriage.

YES. We will find a place to live, and a way to afford the essentials.

I can all of this, I just have to be INTENTIONAL. And I’m still getting the hang of being intentional.

So, on a lighter note, here is the glance for April. Things I plan to be intentional in doing.


– Shoot Merry & Matt’s wedding, and rock it.

– Shoot Katelyn’s bridals, and rock that too.


– Donate proceeds of all mini’s booked this month to the Faison School for Autism in honor of Autism Awareness Month. More on this later this week.

– Meet up with another photographer and have lunch.

– Try harder to get my name out there.

– Blog more.


– Officially join GBC.

– Start pre-marital counseling.

– Spring Clean.

– Successfuly run a 5k.

– Continue the search for a house to rent.

– Start a devotional. (recommendations appreciated!)


– Book the caterer and florist for the wedding.

Thanks for waiting out my “funk” y’all. I promise, great things are coming.


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