Borrowed and Blue Diaries | For the Love of Firepits

A few weeks ago, my maid of honor and I drove up to Pennsylvania for the weekend with the goal of getting more things crossed off the wedding planning list. After that weekend, here’s what that list looks like:

– Find a wedding dress –

– Purchase Seth’s wedding band –

– Rent a venue –

– Decide on Decorations –

– Book a caterer –

– Book a DJ –

– Book a photographer –

– Finalize stationary design –

– Book a florist –

– Figure out what Seth is wearing –

– Block off Hotels –

– Find someone to make the cake –

– Find an officiant –

I’d like to think we’re moving along quite nicely on that list! I got to see our venue at Oglebay again, and this time was SO much more exciting than the last. If you remember, during the last trip everything was covered in snow! Don’t get me wrong, I love snow, but it was really had to see all around the property. This time around, we got to see EVERYTHING, and it was even more beautiful than the first time. I have many more ideas now!

Here are a few of the shots I got:


Love this huge open field out front! This is probably where we will be releasing the lanterns before our exit. We’re trying to think of outdoor games to set up as well. Ideas?



This is something that we didn’t even realize was there last time because of the snow! I cannot WAIT to have a big fire going and s’mores set up. Anyone know where I can get small throw blankets for a decent price?




I am still so in love with this fireplace. I don’t know what exactly I want to do with the mantle, but hopefully I’ll come up with some ideas soon!

It was also really nice to see the inside without it being full of chairs this time. Ah! So perfect!




Seriously? How pretty is the inside! I’m glad it already has the country feel we’re going for. We won’t need to do much decorating 🙂




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