Mixed Up Monday | D700 Style

You guys, this past weekend was THE BEST.

Between the beautiful weather and all the wonderful things I got to capture with the camera I rented, I don’t think it will be topped for awhile.

I was blessed enough to be able to work from home on Friday, which allowed me to get some “homey” things done that I’ve been putting off for awhile. Once I finished work, I met one of my lovely fall brides, Katelyn, at the park to take some test shots with the D700 I rented this weekend. I’ve been on the fence about whether or not this was going to be my next big business investment, but getting to play with this guy all weekend made the decision for me. I’ve always gotten advice not to spend the money until my D80 was holding me back, and I feel confident in saying I have pushed that camera to the limit, and I am ready for bigger and better (and FULL FRAME!) things. Here’s a sneak peak of my shoot with Katelyn!


After that I met up with Seth and we went to pick up a couch that a friend of ours was nice enough to give us. Of course, I had to play with the camera on the ride out to Chesterfield as well:


Seth and Hailey got to enjoy some quality time on that couch once we got home:


On Saturday, I got to shoot Merry and Matt’s beautiful wedding! Stay tuned for their blog post next week!


After the wedding, Julie and I hung out around Williamsburg for a late afternoon lunch at The Cheese Shop.

Side Note: I probably love cheese more than any normal human being should.


Then on Sunday, I went bridesmaid dress shopping with my bridal party. Phew! That was an interesting trip. BUT I’ll save that story for the next “Borrowed and Blue Diaries” post.

I’ll give you a hint though:

Yes, that’s a sad face. And yes, there’s blood on her foot…



OH! And I almost forgot- I finally sent our save-the-dates out!



So tell me, what fun things did you do with this weekend’s wonderful weather?



One thought on “Mixed Up Monday | D700 Style

  1. Hi Stacey!

    I’m glad you and Julie got to go to the Cheese Shop- they’re the best restaurant in Williamsburg! Matt and I love the pictures you posted on Facebook and are very excited about seeing the rest! And your save-the-dates are absolutely adorable. I love them.

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