Borrowed and Blue Diaries | Dressing the Bridal Party

First of all, I want to say I am still in complete shock over what happened in Boston on Monday. I am running my first ever 5K on Saturday, and I cannot even begin to imagine the horror those people felt. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. Also, please don’t let an event like this stop you from participating in a similar event. I’ll admit, I’m a little more nervous about running. However, if we stop doing what we want every time someone takes it upon themselves to do something evil, than we’ve let them win. We’ve given them exactly what they want. And no one who commits such an act deserves to get what they want.

Moving On.




Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of getting all of my bridesmaids together to go shopping for their dresses for the wedding! I searched high and low for a place to go that could offer affordable prices, some continuity in color, and a location in Pennsylvania for my out of town bridesmaid. After much consideration, I decided to go with Alfred Angelo.

My girls come in all shapes and sizes, so I told them to pick whatever style they wanted with a few conditions: the color had to be navy, they needed to be shorter (since we’re all wearing cowboy boots), and they all had to be the same material (for consistency’s sake). Everyone’s dress came out to around $150 and they look so cute!! I don’t have pictures of everyone in their dresses (we’ll save that as a surprise), but enjoy some of the other shots I got around the salon! Oh, and if you read Monday’s blog, you’ll remember there’s an interesting story near the end…





So, a little explanation of what happened here. I was sitting on a couch outside the dressing rooms when I heard something coming from Alana and Laura’s room. I went to check on them and was greeted with blood practically pouring out of the bottom of Alana’s foot. Apparently, she had stepped down on her belt buckle, and the piece that goes through the holes had been standing straight up. It went right into her foot. She was alternating between laughing and crying while Lauren, the soon to be nurse that she is, did a little first aid bandaging on her foot.

We asked if Alana wanted to go see a doctor, but she decided to finish dress shopping first, numb foot and all. After we got done, she went and had x-rays done and found out she had cut a tendon in her foot. Now she is couch-ridden for a few days.


We’re all glad it wasn’t anything worse though. Leave her some love in the comments below!


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