Catching up, and New Beginnings | Personal

I’ve been holding off from blogging about this until the actual day had come, but now that it’s finally here, I can share my exciting news!!

As of today, I officially have ONE full-time job outside of photography, instead of a full-time AND a part-time job. You may or may not know that I have been working both at an office and a school for children with Autism. While the office job was okay, it was never my passion. I was never excited to go to work in the morning. Let’s just be honest….the cube life was never for me. I’m happy to say that yesterday I cleaned out that cube and drove away for the last time.

I am SO excited for what is to come, and all of the opportunities this new full-time position at the school offers me. Among the usual benefits, I can also apply for tuition assistance, which makes that Master’s degree more in reach than I thought it would be. Also, since they have a year round school calendar, I will be able to spend all major (and some minor) holidays with my family out of state. This was sometimes a problem before with limited vacation time. I also have much more free time now, leaving me to spend MORE time on my photography and continue building this business (and keeping up with the blog!)

Speaking of the blog, I wanted to catch up on what I didn’t get to post on Monday! Last weekend, I pushed myself. One of my goal’s this year was to run a 5k, and I am now able to cross that off my list. I signed up for the Color Me Rad 5k a few months back, and had a solid plan in place to train for it. I didn’t really stick to that plan, but it got me back into running more often, which is something I haven’t done for a long time. I ran with my friend Sara and while we didn’t make the best time, we finished and had a blast. Hopefully we’ll get to do another one soon! Seth came along for moral support and caught a few shots of us with instagram:


I also shot some bridal photos on Saturday, but since I can’t show you those yet, here’s a preview of Matt and Merry’s gorgeous wedding. Look for them to hit the blog tomorrow!


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