Just Married | Matt and Merry

Back in high school, I had the “pleasure” of taking an AP Statistics class. Math was never my strong subject, but for some reason I excelled at Stats. I’m glad I did, because had it not been for that class, I never would have met Merry. She was a “center” kid, and most of their classes took part in an entirely different part of the school.

Merry emailed me a few months ago asking if I was interested in being her and Matt’s wedding photographer. Uhm, yes! I had seen it floating around on Facebook that she was engaged, and was secretly hoping she would reach out. I was so happy when she did!

When she told me her and Matt’s engagement story I had to laugh, because it sounded to familiar to my own. You see, they knew pretty early in their relationship that they wanted to spend forever together. Matt had casually mentioned that he was thinking about popping the question around Christmas. Well, Christmas came and went, and Merry was getting impatient. They talked about “when we’re married” and “when we have kids,” and she was ready for it be NOW. She wanted to stop talking about it until they were actually engaged. When she mentioned that to Matt, he said “Well, will you marry me?” She told me she said “You already know that….” then realized the look on his face. She asked if he was being serious, and he pulled out the ring!

Matt and Merry were married in Colonial Williamsburg on a BEAUTIFUL April day. The weather could not have been more perfect. You guys, I had a blast hanging out with you and your family. Family photos are usually not my favorite part of the day, but you guys made it so much fun! Thank you for letting me be a part of such an important day in your life. I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

Enjoy some of my favorites from the day! Your photos are on the way!


Seriously had so much fun with these girls!


Merry and Matt didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, so they exchanged letters instead!


Before you think I’m crazy, I promise I didn’t forget to get a shot of Merry’s engagement ring. You see, it was sadly carried away in the river a few months ago! Merry took it pretty well though…she put river rocks in the lantern centerpieces so those who knew the story could have a little laugh!



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