At A Glance | May 2013


I had a little time yesterday evening to just relax, so I took Hailey to the playground at my apartment complex and let her run around. She had a blast sniffing around and running laps around the monkey bars. I had to take a big bags of treats with me though; she still hasn’t gotten the whole “come” thing down yet.

I’m really loving the extra time I have here lately. I’ve really been able to start crossing things off of my to-do list every month. Here was April’s list:


– Shoot Merry & Matt’s wedding, and rock it. You can see their wedding here!

– Shoot Katelyn’s bridals, and rock that too. These were the first bridals I’ve shot, so I was a little bit nervous. I’m really happy with how they came out though! You’ll have to wait to see these until July.

– ORDER. BUSINESS. CARDS. (This didn’t happen. Oops…)

– Donate proceeds of all mini’s booked this month to the Faison School for Autism in honor of Autism Awareness Month. More on this later this week. (I wasn’t able to get this organized either.)

– Meet up with another photographer and have lunch. (Success!)

– Try harder to get my name out there. (I’m only half crossing this off, there’s always room for improvement.)

– Blog more. (I did better than usual this month, but I’m aiming for more for May.)



– Officially join GBC. (We’re still working on this. Seth has been working 7 days a week again, and we want to join together, so we’re waiting.)

– Start pre-marital counseling. (This was fun!)

– Spring Clean. (Sort of!)

– Successfully run a 5k. (Another success!)

– Continue the search for a house to rent. (Still looking)

– Start a devotional. (I’ve been reading more random short ones, but I’d like to find one that can last me for awhile.)


– Book the caterer and florist for the wedding. (We’re getting closer, but nothing is in writing yet.)

So for this month? I want to work harder on a few of those above, along with some new things. Here’s the list for May:


– Order business cards.

– Organize an event (mini’s maybe?) and donate part of proceeds to a charity.

– Try some new marketing techniques.

– Create a blogging calendar and stick to it.

– Create a new Wedding Questionairre

– Start brainstorming for new branding.


– Join GBC.

– Finish Spring cleaning.

– Find a house. This is getting so stressful 😦

– Find a really good devotional.

– Officially book the florist and caterer.

– Create a wedding day timeline.

– Figure out the reception decorations.

– This could be business related as well, but I want to make sure to touch my camera everyday. Back in January, I really wanted to do a “Project 365,” but got off track. So now I’m starting more of a “Project 239.” This is both to make sure I’m shooting some for myself, but also to push myself to try new things and develop my skills.

What are your May goals? I hope wherever you are it’s feeling like Spring! It’s still a bit cold in my neck of the woods 🙂


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