Just Married | Allen and Katelyn

Phew!  After a few doctor’s visits I am starting to feel MUCH better. I don’t even have words to properly express my appreciation for the overwhelming support I got from all of you after my last post. It means so much!
Now that I’m back on track, I can finally catch up on all these posts I have waiting to share with you guys! Seth I got married over the weekend and took the past two days to just enjoy each other without worrying about work, so that’s why today is the first “catch up” post.

This wedding was absolutely amazing! As I drove through back country roads in Orange, Virginia to the adorable bed and breakfast where Allen and Katelyn’s wedding would take place, I knew it was going to be a good day. The forecasted rain held out until everyone had gone home and the July heat was made bearable by the most perfect breeze. I spent the morning going back and forth between the girls and guys getting ready. It always makes me laugh to see the difference in how the two groups prepare for the day. The girls are almost always reminiscing and giggling over inside jokes. They occasionally get emotional in the moments when the gravity of the day fully hits them. Meanwhile, the guys are usually hanging out watching a football game and cracking jokes on each other. The groom is usually trying to hide that he’s starting to feel a little nervous while smiling from ear to ear with excitement. 

As I got to know their family and friends, they kept telling me how happy they were for Allen and Katelyn! These two have been together since high school and everyone was just so thrilled that they were finally tying the knot! Enjoy some of my favorites from their big day!





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