Borrow & Blue Diaries | DIY Planter Box Centerpieces

Now that I’m finally taking the time to catch up on missed blogging, I’m realizing how many awesome posts I still have yet to share. One thing I’m really looking forward to sharing with you guys are some of the DIY projects Seth and I did to save money on our wedding decor. This is one of my favorites- mainly because Seth did just as much for this one as I did. This guy loves anything to do with building, so I kind of figured that was going to happen. We started with this post as a guide, and then kind of went our own way from there.

First, we went to Home Depot and bought enough 1x4x8 boards to make 13 boxes. We actually overestimated and ended up with a lot of extra wood, which we were able to use for extra projects.

We got the guy at Home Depot to cut all the 1′ boards, then we took the rest of the wood home and cut the smaller pieces.

Once we got everything cut, we laid it out on the living room floor and made piles for each box.



Then the real fun happened! We got some very thin and flimsy nails and I kept bending them all when trying to put the boxes together. Seth took over and started to have the same problem because a lot of the wood had some really thick knots in it.



This started to get kind of time consuming, so Seth borrowed his dad’s nail gun the next day and knocked these all out in about half an hour. Yay for power tools!

One he got them all done, my good friend Lauren came over to help me stain them all. Here are the boxes all put together and Lauren trying to hide from a photo 😉



This is the wood stain we used. Lauren and I put varying amounts of stain on each box to make them each unique, and I think they all turned out great. We used the leftovers for our directional signs for the wedding day!



Now, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get photos of these right after Lauren and I finished the staining process. Literally the second we finished the last wipe of stain, the sky just completely opened up. We got drenched in a matter of seconds and tried to move the boxes and my camera to safety. We got inside just in time to miss being pelted with golf-ball sized hail. The trash can on my back deck blew all the way across it and there were pine needles and grass blowing everywhere! It was crazy! We got the boxes under cover but they still got drenched. I was worried they would get messed up, but after a few days they dried out and looked fine. This is the final product used as our centerpieces on our wedding day. I think they look awesome!



Photo by Katelyn James Photography


All in all we spent about $60 after nails, wood, stain, and wood glue and got about 15 boxes with wood to spare. I think that’s pretty good since the cheapest I could find them online was $7 a piece + shipping, which would have come to over $100. I’m so blessed to have a handy husband- otherwise I’d probably still be trying to put the nails in those boxes!


Side Note: We got the mason jars from Tractor Supply during canning season. They were having a big sale and we saved about $2 a dozen. The milk bottles holding the flowers came from Kroger. We like to get the Homestead Creamery milk whenever we can, and love that it comes in the glass bottles. The cool thing is, if you take the bottles back to Kroger when they’re empty, you get $2 for each one you return. The cheapest larger bottles I could find ran from $2.50-$3.00, so these worked out great. We got our milk and money back from our centerpieces! WIN!



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