Leavin’ On A Jetplane | Personal


“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

Proverbs 31: 25


Today, I face fears and I step completely outside of my comfort zone. Today I take the plunge to be a part of something bigger than myself. Today, I head to Georgia for the Pursuit 31 Conference.

I’ve been active in the online P31 community for awhile now, and it is seriously the best group of women I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. The name of P31 comes from the Proverbs 31: 10-31 scripture in the bible. We are a group of Christian women photographers (and other creatives!) who desire for our businesses to be about more than just racing to book our next session and competing with others in the industry. These women have taught me about photography, life, and The Lord. I cannot wait to finally meet everyone in person!

However, as excited as I am, there’s also a small part of me (okay, a pretty big part) that’s terrified. I DO NOT like to fly. Like, at all. But it was my only option since Seth and I didn’t have the money to spend in a rental car and gas for the week. So as I type this, I am sitting next to the window in seat 17E- occasionally glancing out to make sure we seem to be as high up as we’re suppose to be. Seth dropped me off at the airport this morning and I starting shaking as soon as I took a seat at my gate. Here’s hoping I can be a little more relaxed on my flight home.

There are other fears I’m facing this week- the big one being that I am very introverted, and I don’t actually personally know anyone at this conference. My amazing wedding photographer, Katelyn James, will be there, but she’s a speaker- so I can’t very well just follow her around all week! I’m putting myself out there, which is something I don’t very often do. I’m sharing a room and a king sized bed with a girl I’ve only ever spoken to through a few text messages (hey Hannah!) You can put me in front of a large wedding party and I’ll rock it out and make everyone laugh by making fun of myself and being loud- it’s my job…but put me in front of a different group of people I don’t know and I don’t talk much at all. I’m joining a very large group of seemingly outgoing women- so I’m hoping they’ll pull me out of my shell.

Despite the things that are making me hesitant, I can’t even describe how super excited I am to learn from the likes of Katelyn James and Mary Marantz. To have four straight days to worship and fellowship, make some new friends, and learn to put my faith in the Lord, and know that He will take this business where it needs to go.

I know that first photo didn’t have a lot do with this post, but man am I going to miss that handsome man until he picks me up from the airport on Friday. Here’s one that’s a little more applicable- Mary posted it on a blog awhile back, and it’s been my lock screen ever since.


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