Gettin’ Crafty | DIY Sharpie Mugs


I never cease to be amazed by how quickly time seems to pass since I finished school. It feels like 2013 was gone in the blink of an eye, and here we are already, with Valentine’s Day just a few short days away. I bet more than a few of you are feeling like this day just kind of snuck up on you, am I right? Well, rest assured! These little guys are the PERFECT gift for your Valentine. Seth and I went the DIY route for Christmas this year and made these for all of the adults on our list. Everyone loved them! (Or at least that’s what they told me)

I found these on Pinterest and thought they seemed easy enough to make, but I have to admit I had my doubts as to whether or not the writing would hold up after being used and washed. I did some research and think I found a combination that works!

You’ll Need:

– A mug for each person you’re gifting (I found these at HomeGoods- 16.99 for a dozen!)

– Fine-Tipped OIL BASED Sharpies of various colors (they can be pricy but these are IMPERATIVE for a successful mug- I found mine at Hobby Lobby)

– Quotes or Scripture Verses chosen for each mug

– Graphite Paper

– Tape

– A pointy pen

Here’s What You Do:

1. Wash your mugs with hot soapy water and allow to completely dry.

2. Using your oil based Sharpies, write your selected quotes/verses/drawings on the mugs. If you’re luckier than me, you can freehand this and skip to step 6. If your handwriting is a little iffy like mine, be sure to follow the next few steps closely.

3. Print out your selected words in your favorite font, making sure you print large enough to cover the front of your cup. Cut off excess paper. At this point you should have a small square-like piece of paper that will easily fit the front of your cup.

4. Take a piece of graphite paper and cut it down to be slightly larger than your quote square. Using the tape, adhere the graphite paper to the cup, dark side down. Next, tape the quote paper on top of the graphite paper, printed side out.

5. Using a point pen, trace the letters of your quote, ensuring that you press down hard. When done, remove the printed paper and graphite paper. Viola! Your writing is now easily traceable using your oil based Sharpie!

6. Once you have written (or traced) your words onto the mug, allow it to dry for a full 24 hours. Once dry, trace over your writing for one more coat. Allow to dry again for a full 24 hours.

7. Place your mugs on a foil lined cookie sheet and place in the oven. Set the temperature for 425 F and set the timer for 30 minutes. DO NOT allow the oven to preheat before placing your mugs in. They must heat up with the oven, or they will crack. Same with cooling down- once your timer goes off just turn off the oven and allow the mugs to cool down completely before removing them.

8. Wrap them up pretty! I printed these little cards so that people knew how to care for their new mugs. Make sure to let everyone know hand washing will prolong the life of their design!



Happy a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!


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