Monthly Meetup | Personal

Looking out my window this morning and seeing the snow pouring from the sky and whirling around makes me long for a sunny spring day. With Virginia weather slowly (very slowly) making that transition, we’ve been lucky with a few nice days here and there! Last weekend I decided to take advantage of the warm sunny day and met up with Sarah and Amanda. I got to know these two at the Pursuit 31 Conference last year and over the past few months have become so thankful for their friendship. We met up in Williamsburg in January and decided to make it a monthly thing. So for February, we chose to meet in Richmond. After grabbing some coffee, we all piled in my car and drove out towards Goochland to explore. After a little while, we ended up at the boat landing.

The funny thing about these meetups is that we had originally intended for them to be “work days.” A day to spend some time bouncing ideas off of each other, experimenting with different shooting techniques, and catching up on editing or whatever else might need to be done. Instead, these have become more about just having some fun! We shoot and we talk about business…but we also get to get silly and have some serious faith chats. It is SO good to have these two around for such things!

If you’re a photographer and you’re scared to reach out to other photographers in your area- just take the leap! It is so important to have really good friends in the industry who can help answer your questions and just understand the problems we all sometimes face!

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from last weekend!

The back of my car became a good place to pile all of our gear and lunch!


Sarah you’re gorgeous!




This is what happens when you want to practice couples posing but you don’t have an actual couple đŸ™‚



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