Monday Morning Pick Me Up | Words of Wisdom

This is an exciting week! I have one final to take (ok, maybe that’s not too terribly exciting), but it means I’m almost done with this class I’ve been taking! And I get to FINALLY make a really sweet announcement that I CANNOT wait to share with you guys! In the meantime, enjoy some of these verses and quotes I’ve been loving. You can see more on my Pinterest board here. I love using things like these as the lock screen on my iPhone to get me through rough days.

Beautiful & Inspiring Bible Verse - Zechariah 4:6 - EmilyBurgerDesigns

God intentionally designed me into who I am suppose to be, who He made me to be. Comparing myself to others, and feeling incompetent compared to them, is the devil leaking into my mind. Peace won't be found until I stop comparing myself to others.


Bill Cosby

via stay positive |

Love this.

She turned her cants into cans and her dreams into plans


I think I might make this “pick me up” thing a new series. I like finding fun things to share with you guys on Monday morning. What do you think?

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