A Harry Potter Themed Baby Shower | Personal


Back in December, my close friend Sara gave birth to a beautiful baby, Liam. I’ll be sharing some photos from his birthday on the blog next week, but when going through albums on my computer a few days ago- I realized I never shared the photos from Sara’s baby shower!

I was so excited about this theme! Sara is in love with all things Harry Potter, so it only seemed fitting to theme her shower around the books. I was on a tight budget since we threw the shower shortly after Seth and I got married, so you can recreate any of this without breaking the bank. I wanted the invitations to resemble Hogwarts admission letters, so after some creative Pinterest searching, I found the gem you see above on Etsy. You can order it by clicking here. Kay was super easy to work with and prompt with delivery. Once I received the file, I had them printed at Walgreens. They looked great!

Next, I tried to figure out some HP themed foods. Some were obvious- others took a little thought and creative Google-ing.



On the menu for the day was:

– Hufflepuff Popcorn

– Deviled Dragon Eggs (regular deviled eggs)

– Elf Made Chicken Sandwiches

– Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans (Assorted Jelly Belly Beans)

– Forbidden Forest Fruit

– Veggies from Professor Sprout’s Garden

– Polyjuice Potion (grape juice)

– Butterbeer (cream soda w/ butterscotch syrup)

– Muggle Made Sweet Tea

Oh, and we can’t forget the wands!


As guests arrived, they entered through Platform 9 3/4. Julie spent about an hour taping paint sample cards in just the right pattern to make it look like brick. Thanks to the Lowe’s employees for not judging our need for so many cards 🙂


A friend and former co-worker, Elizabeth, made Sara’s cakes.

Yup, plural. The bathing piggy was just for Sara, while the larger cake was for sharing. Both of these were so gorgeous and delicious! If you need a cake, Elizabeth is your girl! I’d be happy to pass on her info!


After chowing down on good food and plenty of cake, we played a few games. A few days before the party, I sent Sara a questionnaire for her and David to fill out. On shower day, I printed out 20 of the facts and gave each guest a copy which asked them to identify if it was something about Sara, or David. Prizes came in the form of a candle and a “Golden Snitch”- aka a Lindor Truffle!

For the guestbook, we made an Alphabet Book for baby Liam! Everyone got to choose a few letters and decorate a piece of card stock, then we arranged the pages in a photo album for Sara to take home. It was awesome seeing the creative words that everyone came up with.


After the games and crafts- it was time for the best part….PRESENTS!


So, I’ll let you in on a little secret. At the time of this shower, Sara was REALLY close to her due date. The doctor had told her Liam could make an appearance at any time. We were all secretly hoping the baby shower would end in a trip to the birthing suite- so a bunch of us took a walk around the neighborhood to try to get things going! Of course, this ended up in a few impromptu maternity photos.


And I can’t help but love these- the grandmas with mommy-to-be! Check out that gorgeous sunset behind them!



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