11 Weeks | Bumpdate


Well, this bumpdate is a little late in the week, but we’re 11 weeks now! So exciting! So, fun fact: I had no idea my belly would pop so early. I thought it wouldn’t be noticeable for another month or two, but it’s definitely starting to be noticeable that there’s a baby in there, not just a few extra helpings of bread.

I’m really excited to be doing these updates weekly, for a number of reasons actually. First, Seth gets to practice his shooting skills. Second, I’m forced to be in front of the camera, which is something I really am terrible at. And third, we get to keep our families that are spread out all over the US in the loop! So, here are some fun facts for this week:

How Far Along:
11 weeks, 3 days

Size of baby:

A fig? I’ll be honest, I’ve never actually SEEN a fig so I have no clue how big that is. I’ve also seen brussels sprout as a comparison.

Total Weight Gain:
That’s a great question. I’m prettttty sure our bathroom scale is broken, because it says I’ve LOST weight, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way.

Stretch Marks:
Not yet. Hopefully it stays that way!

Maternity Clothes:
I’ve bought a long sleeve shirt and a sweater dress from Target, and have been living in leggings. My pant all still fit, the leggings are just more comfy. As far as shirts, it’s not so that my belly has grown a lot, but more that…eh hem…”other” parts of me have grown causing more than a few of my shirts to get a little tighter.

Wedding Rings:

No problems yet. Here’s hoping I don’t swell too much šŸ™‚

I won’t lie, I really want a baby girl. But based on Seth’s family history, odds are this sweetpea is a boy, which scares me a little bit. We shall see.

None yet.

Up a few times a night for bathroom trips, and I’ve been really restless lately. I’ve also been SO TIRED ALL THE TIME. Like, I’ve been in bed before 8:30pm on more than one occasion.

What I miss:

Bacon. And pepperoni. And goat cheese. And cold deli meat.

Food Cravings:
It’s not a strong craving, but I’ve been thinking about strawberries a lot lately.

Food Aversions:
None yet.

I had a LOT of nausea in the first few weeks, but that seems to be subsiding now. I’m super sensitive to smells (even more so than I was before), resulting in me gagging over the smallest of smelly things. Also, tired. All. the. time.

What I did/got for baby:

I haven’t bought anything yet, but I’ve been doing a lot of researching on cloth diapers, glass baby bottles instead of plastic, and breastfeeding/pumping. I read a lot.

What Iā€™m looking forward to:Ā 

We have an appointment on the 19th for our next ultrasound, and we get to hear baby’s heartbeat this time! We also get to see our actual doctor instead of the nurse practitioner which makes me happy šŸ™‚

Best Moment of the Week:

We dressed the baby bump up for Halloween for a creative way to share the news with my students. It was fun to see them try to figure out “Why does Miss Stacey have a pumpkin on her belly?”


Prayer Requests:

We’re still trying to figure out what the plan will be as far as staying at my day job once baby arrives. Prayers for direction and clarity in that area would be wonderful, as well as for peace from the stress that subject has us feeling.

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