Julie and Zach | A Backyard Anniversary Session


It’s been an entire year since I’ve seen these gorgeous faces. A YEAR! If you frequent the blog, you’ve seen Julie and Zach lots of times. These two are my favorite to go to when I have a need to take some adorable photos, but I lost that luxury when they got married and Zach got stationed in Colorado. These two have such a chemistry between them that it makes even a short session such an easy process.

They came to visit for the holidays and had just recently celebrated their FIRST(!) anniversary, so Julie and I schemed to fit in a short session before they headed back home. Seth and I went to visit them at Zach’s parents’ house so the boys could do some target shooting together, so Julie took that time to steal Zach away for a few moments before the sun went down. What these two accomplished in 20 minutes in the frigid cold makes me wish I looked that good in front of a camera 🙂

After this, we enjoyed some well deserved hot cocoa and said our sad “see you later’s.” It stinks having your best friend live 24 hours away! I miss you two already! Can’t wait to see you again in the Spring!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their session!



You guys…please stop being so cute. I can’t handle it!



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