37 Weeks | Bumpdate


Well, life got in the way and we fell WAY behind on these bump dates. It’s crazy how much things have changed since last time! We’re only about 3 weeks away from meeting our little guy!

How Far Along:
37 weeks

Size of baby:

A winter melon (a what?)

Total Weight Gain:
About 30 pounds

Stretch Marks:
I thought I was in the clear, then I woke up one morning and BAM there they were. And to make matters worse, they have now broken out in tiny red bumps that itch like crazy, so I’ve been slathering my belly in coconut oil before bed every night. Has anyone else experienced this? No one warned me about this craziness.

Maternity Clothes:
I haven’t worn real pants in over a week, mostly because of the itchy belly problem. The full paneling on my maternity jeans makes the itching worse, so I’ve just been wearing leggings and various tunics. Saturday I had to go and get a few short sleeve items to get me through the next few weeks since the weather is getting warmer around here πŸ™‚ Luckily I caught them on sale!

Wedding Rings:

Still on!


Baby boy is super active! It’s so crazy to see his hand/foot move across my belly!

Kind of so-so. Some nights I sleep all night long, others I’m up every 30mins to an hour.

What I miss:

Still bacon and pepperoni. Bending over like a normal person. Not running into things with my belly.

Food Cravings:
Sweets. All of the sweets. Sonic milkshakes have been my thing lately.

Food Aversions:
Nothing really too intense, but fishy odors and rotten foods bother me more than usual.

Well, what we thought was Sciatica turned out to be underlying muscle issues, so I was in physical therapy for awhile. Some of that is still bothering. Also, Braxton Hicks. Turns out as of last week I’m also 4cm dilated, and 90% effaced, which is kind of cool πŸ™‚ Hoping we get to meet this sweet boy sooner rather than later.

What I did/got for baby:

We have gotten SO MUCH. Our baby shower was amazing; I’ll be blogging about that soon. We pretty much have everything we need except for a few small things. Our hospital bags are also packed and ready to go!

What I’m looking forward to:

I have a doctor’s appointment Thursday morning to see if I’ve progressed any more. I’m kind of hoping there will be some news, because honestly, I’m ready to have this baby!

Best Moment of the Week:

One of my students came running in on May 1st and said, “MISS STACEY! IT’S MAY! YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!” I love these guys πŸ™‚

Prayer Requests:

Prayers for a quick and easy delivery of a healthy baby. And that Seth won’t be far away at school or work when I go into labor πŸ™‚

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