| Mixed Up Monday | Lazy Weekends and Homemade Pizza |

Lately, I’ve been over-exerting myself. Juggling two jobs, a new business, and school proooobably wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had. But you know what? I love it. I’ve always worked better under pressure, and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon. However, we all need a break every now and then. It’s […]

| Mixed Up Monday | Fall Is In The Air |

Can you feel it? Close your eyes for a minute. Feel the cool breeze of the early morning and late evening. Hear the leaves crunching under your fall boots. Smell the Pumpkin Spice Lattes brewing at Starbucks. Slip on a warm hoodie and snuggle into it’s warmth around a blazing bonfire. Now open your eyes. […]

| Mixed Up Monday | (Except It’s Tuesday) |

Actually, it’s Wednesday….I started writing this last night, and fell asleep. Needless to say, this didn’t get up last night. WHO DOES THAT? Well, me apparently. Anywho, I finished it up, and here you go! ————————————————— Hi guyssss! I know I know, I’m LATE again. I promise, one day soon, I’ll get better at this. […]