I Am Thankful | Personal

Sometimes there are days when I get seriously overwhelmed. I have a lot on my plate right now- planning a wedding, working full-time, trying to find a house, learning how to build a business, preparing to go for my Master’s degree. I realize all of these are miniscule “problems,” but if you’ve ever been there, […]

Recipe Corner | Simple Banana Ice Cream

Tuesday night, I was having insane cravings for something sweet. I don’t know what it was, but if I didn’t get some sugary goodness in my tummy immediately, I might have exploded.   Okay. That might be a little dramatic. I raided my cabinets only to find that the only remotely sweet thing I had […]

Meet Alana, Jen, and Liz | VCU Senior Portrait Photographer

Are these not the three most adorable roomies ever? Alana and I went to high school together and have been friends since our “healthy” rivalry on the yearbook staff. Nerd alert! When Alana started at VCU the year after me, I got to know Jen and Liz as her “dorm friends.” These girls have become […]

At A Glance | May 2013

I had a little time yesterday evening to just relax, so I took Hailey to the playground at my apartment complex and let her run around. She had a blast sniffing around and running laps around the monkey bars. I had to take a big bags of treats with me though; she still hasn’t gotten […]