37 Weeks | Bumpdate

Well, life got in the way and we fell WAY behind on these bump dates. It’s crazy how much things have changed since last time! We’re only about 3 weeks away from meeting our little guy! How Far Along: 37 weeks Size of baby: A winter melon (a what?) Total Weight Gain: About 30 pounds […]

24 Weeks | Bumpdate

How crazy is it that baby B is already half-way done? This whole experience is going by WAY faster than I ever could have anticipated! Here’s a little update: How Far Along: 24 weeks Size of baby: An ear of corn 🙂 Total Weight Gain: Still at about 10 pounds. Stretch Marks: Still none. Praying […]

21 Weeks | Bumpdate

Well, it’s been awhile since our last update! The bump has grown so much and it’s finally starting to feel real that there’s a baby in there 🙂 Read on to see some of the excitement we’ve been experiencing since the last update! How Far Along: 21 weeks, 2 days Size of baby: A carrot! […]

The Little Things | Personal

I haven’t written a “Little Things” post in awhile! Today was supposed to be a bumpdate, but night fell before we had a chance to snap a photo for this week, so that will be coming tomorrow instead. Phew! These early sundowns are killer. I feel like I rarely get anything done past 5:30pm now. […]

11 Weeks | Bumpdate

Well, this bumpdate is a little late in the week, but we’re 11 weeks now! So exciting! So, fun fact: I had no idea my belly would pop so early. I thought it wouldn’t be noticeable for another month or two, but it’s definitely starting to be noticeable that there’s a baby in there, not […]